Saturday, June 20, 2009

Moved in!!

Alright so as of this afternoon we were officially moved! So exciting and so relieved! Now all we need to do is get into the old place and get it clean before final inspection.. But that isn't until the 30th so we have a little over a week to do it! But our plan is to hopefully get in and done on Monday.... We will be taking a little "break" tomorrow for father's day and the sheer fact that we are so freaking exhausted from being non stop for the last couple weeks!! But I will post another blog here soon once we are settled and with more fun news and no more boring posts about moving!! LOL :D

Monday, June 15, 2009

Well it has been quite awhile since I have been able to update!!! We are in the process of packing/cleaning/moving.... Our moving day is on Saturday the 20th! So excited we are done being in the place we were for numerous reasons! And on to the next year to save and work on getting on track to buy our first house next year!! I am hoping it works out for us.... But may be a little while again but just wanted everyone to know that we are ok but just that we are super busy!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Too much stress...

Well as most of you know.. We are in the process of moving. And boy is packing and trying to take care of 3 kids super stressful! I can't get anything done while Elli and Sammy are awake, which limits my time down to not a lot! I am feeling like I am going to have to pull a couple all nighters to get it all done... I feel like I am going gray from all this stress! But now the countdown starts... 13 days until we want to be completely out!! Wish us luck!

Monday, June 1, 2009


So as all of you know Hiram is an awesome artist and has been stuggling for some time to get his name and artwork out there... Well as of today he has a spot in an exclusive gallery as a featured artist! They are going to start showing his work no later than Friday when they do a gallery walkthrough where big name famous buyers walk through the gallery and buy off tons of paintings!! They want to start his paintings at a couple hundred a pop!!! Hopefully this is is break and will bring in that extra cash flow that we definitely need!! I will let you all know how it went after the show on Friday!!!

The Beginning

Well this is my attempt at this whole blogging thing... I want to be able to keep our families connected and give everyone a place to come and keep up with the girls development! First I wanna introduce ourselves (although everyone probably knows us lol) We are Hiram and Nicole we have been happily married since 3/15/07. We have the three most beautiful girls, Elliana (Elli, 7/26/06), Samantha (Sammy, 10/29/07), and Khloe (Lexie, 4/18/09). Elli is almost 3 and giving us the most headache right now. She is the biggest sweetheart and the biggest protector of her 2 sisters, but man does she have a mouth on her! She repeats absolutely everything and talks back all the time! Sammy is 1 1/2 and she thinks she runs the household! She can be so happy and sweet one minute and seconds later she is screeching on top of her lungs and throwing the biggest fit... And then she just laughs and/or smiles when we try and discipline her... And then there is Lexie. She is 6 weeks and she is the perfect addition to our group of princesses. She is very quiet and laid back.. She is super content unless she is hungry, wet, or thinks she is all alone. She is super close to sleeping all night which makes me so happy! She usually wakes up around 5am. She is also starting to smile!!