Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Khloe Bug....

Ok before I go on to the actual post just want to let everyone know we are now calling Lexie... Khloe... Since it is her real first name and it's beautiful.... So ok now that you all know that lol

We had quite the adventure with Khloe this past day/evening.... she had a high fever (102.6 at the doctor's office) and the doctor saw nothing wrong so he said it was possibly the start of RSV or Croup... Ok so all day we were doing what he told us by giving her both Tylenol and Motrin... And her fever would not break for anything... It just kept climbing... So around 6-7 last night I called the doctor and her fever was 103.5 and she was refusing to eat all afternoon (last bottle at 12:30) so he told us to get her into the ER right away.... Ok so I did (daddy was working but fortunately got off to meet us there) and of course they rushed us in right away (which was nice not to have to wait) her fever hadn't changed and she was breathing a little fast but they chalked that up to whatever pain was going on in her little body... So the doctor came in and said that both her ears were a little red and swollen and that she had an ear infection in both ears My poor baby... Ok so we got her antibiotics and I gave her the first dose last night... Well then around midnight she started fussing so I picked her up to give her some more Tylenol and Motrin figuring she was just starting to get warm again... And nope she threw up everywhere!! I mean I have never seen anyone throw up that much... But I just assume that it was cause she had an empty tummy... So of course I was up most the night watching her and she was uncomfortable all night so she didn't sleep either... Well around 3:30 this morning she started to feel like she was burning up... I took her temp and it was 105.3!!! I didn't know what to do, I panicked and just froze up!! I was so scared.... So I gave her the Tylenol and Motrin and within like 20 minutes it went back down! Thank God!!! It hasn't been up since but I was up all night... I am so exhausted today it's not even funny!! But good thing is she woke up with NO fever!!! Yay she is much better..... But it was such a scarey day/night... I had never had to deal with that with either of the other two!!