Monday, July 20, 2009

Potty training!

So I just wanted to update everyone on the whole potty training experience we have had with Elli.... We decided one day we were just going to do it and no more diapers (except of course bed time lol) so we just put her in big girl panties and went from there! That was about 4 weeks ago... So the first 2 weeks were horrible and so rough!! She never once went in the potty... But she did "poo poo" on the back porch once which was pretty funny... Not at the time but now it is!! :D... So we finally had a breakthrough last week... She just went on the potty for the first time and it was super exciting!! Then she went a day or two without going again... But then starting oh I would say about Thursday last week... She now goes at least twice in the potty, and has very rare accidents... She even came running into the house yesterday with underwear in hand yelling "I have to go in the big girl potty!!" So I put her on and she went right away!! I am super proud of my baby girl, she is finally getting the idea and hang of pottying on the big girl potty and I honestly feel we are in the home stretch now!!!