Tuesday, August 11, 2009

They're home!

So Hiram and Sammy made it home safetly last night or should I say early this morning! They were supposed to leave Chicago at 9:30 (CST) and land at 11pm (MST) well that didn't happen and they actually left Chicago at 10:30 (CST) and landed at 12am (MST) and then it took them another 30 minutes to get off the plane to baggage claim... Then they were having baggage problems so another 30 minutes before we got the bags and headed to the car... I brought both Elli and Lexie to the airport (I know crazy since it was so late) but Sammy and Elli missed each other so much that I knew it would be good for them to see each other... Plus Elli wanted to show Sammy their new doll house so I didn't want her to be asleep... So they were so cute (as always lol) and they were holding hands everywhere we went in the airport and all the way to the car... And they both had stuffed animals for each other (Elli gave Sammy a giraffe, and Sammy gave Elli a Scooby Doo).... And they loved them! Hugged on them all night... So we finally go to the car around 1:30am got all the luggage in the car and headed home! It was so nice to see them again... Elli and Sammy fell asleep on the way home, but they fell asleep holding hands and heads together!! They are the best of friends and I really wish I had had a camera handy to take a picture because it was the sweetest thing! So then we get home and Elli was super excited to show Sammy their new room! The dollhouse but more importantly Sammy's new big girl bed! That is right Sammy is now in her very own big girl bed, no more cribs for her!! So we get them all ready for bed and of course they didn't want to sleep alone, so Elli crawled in with Sammy and they fell asleep together! I am so blessed to have girls who love each other so much!!!